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Qui peut vous faire découvrir l’Afrique de l’Ouest mieux que ceux qui y vivent


 The  HOGON Tours spirit

Who can help you discover the West Africa better than those who live there

HOGON Tours it installed in

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HOGON TOURS is a receptive tourism and travel in Mali - Hogon tours, travel agency in Bamako, travel experts in Mali and West Africa offers long or short circuits  

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The inland delta

Niger, in the heart of Mali, has not secrets for this man

 whose passion is to introduce you to his Africa. With it, discover the secrets of Djenne and its wonderful and amazing region..


Guide Dogon

Né à Sangha,

au coeur du pays des Dogons, Dolo est le

spécialiste de la falaise de Bandiagara, du plateau, des villages et des cultures des secteurs sub-désertiques. Il parle avec passion de ces régions et vous emmène dans des lieux fabuleux.

multilingual Guide

Born in southern Mali

Perfect control of crops in West Africa and sensitive eco-tourism, responsible tourism and cultural



creator and

Head of Agency

Hogon Tours

Bréhima Sissoko


Specialist beautiful wilderness areas

 in western Mali, has long experience as a guide to all of these regions on the borders of Senegal, wildlife and rivers. It is a guide medal "silver cane."

Mohamed Ag

Touareg Guide

specialist in desert regions

and sub-desert

Mohamed knows the riches of Azawad,

these vast regions of the 2 / 3 northern Mali, with the city of Timbuktu. Follow it, safely

and let yourself be captivated

Hogon Tours is a receptive tourism and travel based in Bamako, in the district Lafiaougou, and formed a team of young Malian graduates, who all share common values, modern working methods and the same design business . 

A force that we want to share.

Our commitments are clear, thoughtful Here are the main lines, 10 points

Share values of mutual respect: respect for people that we welcome, respect for our clients and their culture, respect our work and our commitments

Develop solidarity tourism to facilitate the daily lives of people in the areas of education, health and rural development

Actively participate in the professionalization of tourism, especially in Mali, and in the west African sub region in general, a thorough study of our methods and our actions

Offering the right price, a policy of wherever possible to make ourselves our services without middlemen and avoiding the proliferation of players.

Exercise common sense and respect the fragile environment, and share these values with our customers. In Africa as elsewhere, can not see everything at any price.

Allowing tourists who want to learn to discover the cultural riches of the various territories that we are experiencing: music, crafts, dance, traditional evenings

Managers responsible for customer we are all professionals in the field, bilingual or trilingual, with modern approaches to guarantee the seriousness

Ensure your safety by using reliable means of transportation, excluding any area whose stability is uncertain, informing you of the usual precautions to be taken by sectors

 Expressing our expertise in areas related to travel : photography, events, actions in the field of responsible tourism.

To respect the work of men and their rights, both to our field teams that staff the office, through fair wages especially